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May 01, 2008


billy pilgrim

cyanobacteria sounds like a no brainer to me. shit, i'll dig a pit in my back yard and try to grow some.


Fantastic! We need more big ideas to solve such a big problem. I love the Manhattan Project comparison, because we need a similar focus here. Some other big ideas we need to get behind in a big way: high speed regional rail, and coming up with energy solutions that can be cheaply implemented by India and China so they'll stop building a coal plant a week.


I believe I used the word "big" four times in the previous post. I'll pull out my thesaurus next time :)


This definitely sounds like a winner. They could take some of the truly nasty urban brownfield sites, abandoned open pit mines, and other pieces of land not usable for anything else and use them for ethanol production.

Big Tex

Billy Pilgrim: it sounds like that's what they're eventually hoping people will do. If people could all make their own fuel this way, we could stop having to deal with people like the Saudis, and companies like ExxonMobil would be out of business. I just hope these researchers don't get offed or something.

Big Tex

Brian: High-speed rail would be a great idea. I think if we had it in this country, I'd never go anywhere near a plane again. :-) And I would hope that this idea about cyanobacteria could be shared with other countries so that everyone can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. I think it would be a godsend for the environment, and might solve a lot of geopolitical problems too.

Big Tex

Nan: that's what is great about this whole thing. If I understood correctly, they won't have to utilize farmland to make cyanobacteria, they can make it on just about any land.

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