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June 24, 2008



Lawd have mercy if this man is the next President. Besides the fact that McCain admits that he knows less about a subject that is currently affecting millions of Americans (economics), his age and overall apathy towards diplomacy is frightening

Big Tex

Agreed - I think he'd actually be worse than Bush, partly because of his hair-trigger temper, and partly because he's old and unhealthy, and due to die at any time. What really scares me is the possibility of him picking some nut like Huckabee to be his VP, then dying in office and having his VP rise to the presidency.


is it against the law to wish that someone would shoot that old bastard right between his eyes?...if it is..I didn't just say that..if it's not..some one please shoot that old bastard right between the eyes..

Big Tex

The blog owner would like it to be known for the benefit of our readers who might be members of the Secret Service, that the above statement was offered in jest. I think. :-)

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